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Cowie in Paris. Conversation has many rewards...

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Comment by: Jo

Great read, thanks

Comment by: Claire

Loved the book, Ian - and congratulations on your appointment as Billabong chair!

Comment by: emma adams

I have just discovered this sight and began exploring the vast possibilities it offers and the resources that are so at hand. This is very clever and needs to be marketing in institutions teaching self-development. Unless each person knows and appreciates one\\\'s potential we are a poorer place.

Comment by: Marcus

Inevitably we are going to have to face longer working lives and I notice that Denmark has already increased retirement age to nearly life expectancy. How are we to find meaningful employment for millions of people when the long term drift in the West is towards highly knowledge intensive businesses moving and adapting fast to changing landscapes.The last 20 years has seen a concentration of the rewards of success in the hands of fewer and fewer people ie less and less people have truly valuable jobs.I think we will have to re-evaluate the meaning of employment and allocate value to tasks such as caring and teaching so that more people can be valued and rewarded for their true contribution.The question is can the few be persuaded to share their treasure?